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I don't really know by starsgirl0
Mature content
I don't really know :iconstarsgirl0:starsgirl0 2 0
Ghost Children Squad by starsgirl0
Mature content
Ghost Children Squad :iconstarsgirl0:starsgirl0 2 0
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Bloodshot, the new story version
It was a heated dusk, all the heat from the day still hasn’t worn off to a chilling night. The light has only faded as well making the sky colored in fire. The police drove steadily on the road. The road looked towards a slightly worn over small town. Forest filled the sides of the road along with circling the town. The forest had tall, thick trees along with a couple of animals scurrying to a hidden view. The police car had two males in the front. The male diving, Drake, was tall with short brown hair. He was slightly tan from being in the sun and freckled in sunspots. His partner in the passenger seat, Vance, was much more tan and had raven hair. Vance wasn’t as fit as Drake and was slightly overweight. These two officers weren’t the only ones in the car and the place surrounding them wasn’t where they worked. The reason why they were here, was the person in her late teens in the back seat.
Curled up against the car door staring at the on going road and the tr
:iconstarsgirl0:starsgirl0 0 0
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I don't really know
I was sketching the other day and drew something like this. I then got bored so I digitized it. Hope you like the weirdness!
Ghost Children Squad
Hello! Sorry I haven't been on much so heres a new drawing with all of my ghost children ocs. The photos are for reuse and there also not mine. The characters and drawing part of it is. The photos also has filters too. Anyways, hope you like the drawing!
*Insert Creative Title Here*
I've been working on a new oc lately and wanted to draw her digitally because I had a drawing idea for her. Her story line and other info isn't finished yet but will probably be soon.
What happens next might be the weirdest thing I have ever felt. It feels as if something in my chest is pushed out of my body and into cold, bone-chilling air. I opened my eyes once more just to see my body. It was leaned, head down to the tree. I lift it up and saw the cut I made to my neck. Its still bleeding and is soaking some of the sweater I wore under my collared shirt. I then put the head back down and lift my hand gently. I use my fingers to check my pulse..there is none. Am I a ghost? I looked down to my feet to realize..i’m floating. I’m barely off the ground but my eyes still widened.  
Why am I a ghost? I pondered for a second. People turn into ghosts for one reason. They have unfinished business. Ok so there's one hint to why i’m here but what unfinished business do I have? Is it Sandra? No I was trying to be free from her too. What is it?
~TimSkip to present~
I’ve been to going to school and see how Tina has been doing. She surprisingly isn’t doing well at all. I knew she might have gotten a little shaken but not this much… I go right behind the tree she is leaning on. We normally hang out here because it was shady and quiet. She’s crying and alone. I feel guilty and I hate seeing her like this. I reach my hand out to wipe a few tears away but something unexpected happened.
She turned around and looked like she could see me. Her mouth was open in awe and her eyes had widened. I close her opened mouth and she slightly shivered.
“T-Tawny...Is that..You?” More tears spill out of her eyes and I nod. She hugged me tightly. I get startled at this but hug her softly back.
“I thought I would never see you again..” She all of sudden raised her voice.
“Why did you leave!? Where were you!? Why didn’t you come to see me sooner!?” I flinched at her and she stopped hugging.
“Was it my fault?...” I could her sniffling and tears streamed down her face.
“N-No! Of course it wasn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself for this!...P-Please. Just calm down...I’ll explain everything one at a time.” I could feel myself tear up. She sat beside me and rest her head on my shoulder.
“F-First off, I didn’t see you for this long because I needed to see whether you were ok or gonna be ok.” I wrap my arm around her and paused.
“Ok s-second, I was here watching you to see how you were doing. Which you probably guessed.” I tried to tell her slowly as possible for multiple reasons.  Reason one would be so she could take it in better and not be in such panic. Reason two would be so she won’t question why I left. I don’t know how to explain it to her and I know she won’t understand even if I could explain.
I paid more attention to our surroundings. Some people were staring at Tina...Ah I should have paid more attention to that! Nobody else seemed able to see me except Tina and they probably think she is going crazy! Why didn’t I think of this!
~Tina’s POV~
Tawny broke the silence while looking off to the side.
“Tina.” She turned her head to me and I stared at her icy blue eyes.
“Yes?” Her hand went onto my face. Despite the fact that she is cold I don’t really mind. It kinda feels..comforting.
“I...I have to go.” My eyes widened and I quickly respond.
“Will I see you again?”
“Of course. Just later but I promise you will see me soon. Ok?” I feel myself loosen up a bit and nod.
“Ok. See you soon.” She got up and left. I Smiled.
“See you soon Tawny…”


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Hi. I'm just a creepypasta fan and artist. I do take request but will pretty much draw mostly Creepypasta and my Cp OCs.


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